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Arya Life’s Story

In March. 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown, Duncan and Lynn’s family decided to take a break from the stress of the pandemic by going on an outdoor adventure. As stand-up paddle and kayaking enthusiasts, they decided to travel to Dana Point, California, a harbor city known for its beautiful marinas and encounters with dolphins, whales, and other aquatic life.

That day, they discovered the importance of safety equipment when a fur seal jumped out of the water and nearly capsized their kayak. Thanks to their level of experience kayaking, they were prepared to handle this potentially dangerous brush with nature. As they reflected on their adventure later that evening, it hit them: Why not start a water sports company to share their expertise and guide others to the blissful escape that can only be found in the natural world?

A few months later, ARYA LIFE USA Inc. was born.

At ARYA LIFE, we curate the world’s leading kayaking safety products and accessories, from life jackets and paddle float bags to aero rack car pads, tie-down straps, and other water safety and rescue devices. Every product we sell through our storefronts on Amazon and eBay is carefully researched and tested to ensure its effectiveness. Best of all, our products are priced affordably to put quality equipment and tools within reach of all people.

We believe water sports should be simple, safe, and fun. That’s why we make it easier for busy people to experience the joys of the great outdoors through recreational marine sports, without having to worry about what might go wrong.

While kayaking and other water sports can offer a simple and safe way to get outside and stay active, these activities do present some risks, from capsizing to dehydration, severe weather, and just plain inexperience.

We know firsthand that safety is at the core of any enjoyable kayaking adventure. This means having access to the right equipment and then knowing how to use it. It also means understanding the fundamentals of the sport as a way to stay ahead of potential disasters. Through our blog and social media pages, we share valuable information about how to safely enjoy a kayak under any conditions using the right tools and techniques.

Our ultimate goal is to equip active people with everything they need to outfit their outdoor lifestyle, empowering them to find freedom from the everyday and enjoy the good things in life.