Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Would it be possible to transport 2 wavestorms with this system?

A. Yes that would work fine.

Q. Will this system work with Paddleboards?

A. Short trips at slower speeds under 40 miles per hour should be fine. I drove from California to Washington with an 8 foot surfboard at freeway speed. A paddleboard is bigger and will catch more wind so be careful.

Q. Does this come with 1 or 2 racks?

A. It comes as a set, so yes there are two racks inside

Q. Will the 27” version hold 3 longboards?

A. Yes it does

Q. Do you need a roof rack for this device?

A. Preferably you would need roof racks to haul anything on your roof. If you don’t have, then we suggest our Universal Soft Racks

Q. Is the tooth or buckle part metal?

A. The tooth is metal but the buckle is silicone. These are great because you don’t have to worry about them scratching your car.

Q. What is the width of the straps?

A. It is 1″ Wide

Q. Could this carry two 3”ish boogie boards?

A. Yes it could, no problem

Q. Does the rack come off easily when not in use?

A. The arms come off very easily. It’s a simple button that you push and pull out the arms. The brace that holds the arms has to stay. No need to take it off the bike and it will not bother you when riding.

Q. Do the arms on this rack adjust to different lengths? Do they move up or down to make it closer or farther away from the ground?

A. Yes and quite easily. This surf board rack works better than any I’ve ever had. You’ll be happy with it. Don’t expect it to be stylish looking because it’s not but very functional.

Q. Would this carry my 10 ft inflatable sup?

A. Yes it would, although we would recommend our Long Board Bike Rack as it’s a little heavier duty as it attaches to the back tire for added support for bigger boards.

Q. Would this rack work for an 8ft board?

A. Yes it would be perfect for an 8ft board!

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